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If you're driven, passionate, and ready to make your mark in the marketing world, then Self-Made Concepts is the place for you.

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In The Account Executive Phase You Will Learn How To Effectively Execute An In-Store Marketing Campaign For One Of Our Fortune 500 Clients. The Account Executive Is Usually The First Line Of Contact For New And Existing Customers So A Big Part Of The Account Executive Phase Is Customer Service. Once This Is Learned The Account Executive Will Then Help Manage Their Own In-Store Marketing Campaign.


In The Account Manager Phase You Will Be Responsible For Multiple In-Store Marketing Campaigns Throughout The City. The Account Manager Will Train Other Account Executives And Account Managers Our Award Winning System. The Account Managers Will Also Help The Company Conduct 2nd Round Interviews, To Help Explain To Potential Employees What Our Company Does For Our Fortune 500 Clients.


The Assistant Manager Responsibilities Turn More From In Front Of The Scenes To More Behind The Scenes. The Assistant Manager Will Start Their Training In Learning How To Do Payroll, Learn How To Interview Potential Employees, Learn The Banking And Budget. The Most Important Role Of The Assistant Manager Is The Planning Of Expansion. With Our Globally Known Clients They Are Looking For Us To Grow Into Their Massive Footprint. The Assistant Manager Will Learn How To Work With The Clients And Plan The Expansion Goals.


The Manager's Role Starts With Brand Management. The Manager Is Responsible For In-Store Marketing Campaigns In The Territory. The Manager Will Be Responsible For Making Sure The In-Store Marketing Campaigns Represent Our Clients Standards, Along With The Retail Stores Standards And Along With Our Standards. With Every Manager Starting From Entry Level And Working Their Way Up We Are Able To Continually Deliver The Results Everyone Is Looking For Year After Year.

Driven, Passionate, and Creative:
A Team Like No Other

At Self-Made Concepts, our team is the heartbeat of our success. We are a diverse group of individuals, each with unique strengths and fresh perspectives. Our collective drive, passion, and creativity fuel our innovative marketing approach. Together, we create a dynamic environment where collaboration and excellence thrive.

Self Made Concepts

Comprehensive Training and Development

We believe in investing in our team member's growth and success. That's why we provide comprehensive training programs, educational resources, and guidance to help you identify your strengths, refine your skills, and excel in the industry. Our commitment to your professional development sets the stage for continuous learning and empowers you to reach new heights in your career.

Cultivating Leadership and Confidence

At Self-Made Concepts, we value your skills and your potential as a leader. Our management training programs foster a leadership mindset that instills confidence and cultivates growth. You will receive the tools and guidance needed to take charge, make impactful decisions, and inspire others. Your growth as a leader is pivotal to our collective success.

Thrive in a Nurturing Environment

Our culture revolves around personal and professional growth. At Self-Made Concepts, you will find a supportive and inclusive environment that motivates you to overcome obstacles, expand your knowledge, and thrive. We foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect, allowing you to flourish both personally and professionally.

Manager in Training Program

We are committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for advancement. Our Manager in Training program will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to grow your career. Through hands-on experience, mentorship, and tailored development plans, we guide you toward future leadership roles within our organization.

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